Trading careers at PEAK6

The path to a career in trading isn’t always an obvious one. In fact, some of our best traders weren’t planning on becoming traders. They had plans to be engineers, consultants, mathematicians, economists, investment bankers, or work on another side of the financial world. What they did have in common, however, was an insatiable curiosity, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to win. They’re problem solvers and analytical whizzes who love taking calculated risks and beating the odds.

Is that you? Perhaps a career at PEAK6 is your next move.

As a successful proprietary trading firm, we offer incredible opportunities for smart, entrepreneurial team players. We give you the training and the tools to put your best ideas into market. We encourage innovative thinking and reward fresh ideas. Most importantly, we give you a chance to grow, learn and build a successful career surrounded by incredibly smart people who love what they do. Plus, it’s exciting and thrilling, because no two days in the market are the same.

It may not be the career for everyone, but for those who meet the challenge, the rewards are great.

Discover what life is like at PEAK6

We give smart, ambitious minds incredible opportunities to grow and further their careers. See why PEAK6 might be the perfect fit for you.




CapMan Core Values

PEAK6 Capital Management (CapMan) is a unique trading firm operating in its own way. The CapMan Core Values are what we look for in our traders because it is these values that make our traders — and our firm — successful.  









Trading at PEAK6

Trade Sooner — With our unique training structure and proprietary trading tools, as a trader it’s possible to move from the classroom to actual trading execution in a short period of time.

Cutting-Edge Proprietary Tools — Our technology teams develop customized, proprietary trading technology, tools and systems to help you develop and implement your trading ideas.

Learn from Experienced Traders — Be a part of a supportive and collaborative culture where you’ll get personalized guidance from senior traders members of the team to develop your trading skills and shape your strategies.

Challenging, yet Rewarding Culture — Work with incredibly talented traders and colleagues who will push you to be the best and help you grow and develop as a trader.

Careers in Trading at PEAK6

Trading Desk — Our trading desk is the centerpiece of our business, with traders developing and executing strategies with a focus on volatility arbitrage.

Execution — The PEAK6 execution desk works in collaboration with traders and brokers to find liquidity, disseminate order flow and maintain broker relationships.

Risk Management — The risk management team plays a key role in monitoring and managing risk at PEAK6. Through data aggregation, analysis and reporting, risk management ensures the firm is always prepared to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions.

Analytics — The PEAK6 analytics group uses data analytics and business intelligence to drive modeling, statistical analysis and decision making for our trading business.

Operations — Our operations team handles the clearance, settlement and position reconciliation functions for our trading business.  They manage our relationships with clearing firms and brokers, and they work to ensure system accuracy.  Operations also resolves any discrepancies in our trading activity.

Trader & Systems Support — Our trader and systems support team provides front line support for internal applications and systems used daily by our traders. They work closely with a variety of internal departments including Technology, Risk, Execution, Research and Operations.

Up for the challenge? Apply now to be a PEAK6 Trading Associate.


“Trading on a team lets you play to your strengths and enjoy what you’re doing every day. And when you’re surrounded by really smart people, you’re going to get better every day too.”


Our Trading Associate Program

The PEAK6 Trading Associate program is specifically designed to be different from other, more traditional, trading programs. Our program revolves around the core philosophy of accelerating practical application vs. extended theoretical (or classroom) training. We’ve worked hard to design a curriculum to get you trading faster.

After a short period of focused, rigorous classroom training, and you take (and pass) some industry qualifications exam(s), you’ll be given PEAK6 capital to begin trading on your own. You’ll have the freedom to make trades, try new ideas, and experiment with different strategies. You’ll also be able to work alongside experienced traders who’ll be there to help you develop and refine your trading skills.

The program isn’t for everyone, however. It’s tough. Success in the PEAK6 Trading Associate program requires passion, ambition, and dedication — but for those who make it, the challenge is worth it.

  • Immerse yourself in options trading theory and learn different option and derivative trading strategies
  • Potential to begin trading after a short period of time
  • Get hands-on trading experience by experimenting with trading strategies using PEAK6 capital
  • Learn how to leverage our cutting-edge, proprietary technology to execute creative trading ideas
  • Interact directly with experienced traders who will mentor, guide and help you sharpen your skills
Think you’ve got what it takes? Become a PEAK6 Trading Associate and find out.


“With a great training program and great young minds, we will help you analyze risk/reward and expect you to be creative and bring new things to the table as a trader.”